Cassava and Yam Processing
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No people ever achieves meaningful development until they are ready to look inward, and harness the resources at their disposal. Sons and daughters of idomaland, the time has come for us to wake up from our deep sleep. Let us support the great Idoma dream. By your prayers, cooperation, supports at different levels. We don’t another place called home.

Let us shelve our political sword, end political biases and attempt to look beyound politics ambition and focus on the non existence of any form of development in Idoma. we need to hold ourselves accountable for the protracted dilemma of colossal retrogression suffered by our enviable father land.

We need to build Idoma land. we dont have to wait for outside help to develop our father land. therefore we emplore the youths and the aged to rediscover the legacy handed over to us and make Idoma land the pride of her people once again, as we shall be leveraging on our local production,intellectual prowess and taking advantage provided to us by technology to redeem our lost glory. Together we can make Idomaland Great!!