The need for delibrate efforts towards development of Idomaland has become necessary, after decades political scramble for power at the expense of development of Idomaland. Also the need to chronicle positive impacts made by people of Idomaland have necessitated the establishment of this website. There are alot of Idoma people that have touched lives, made several sacrifices to ensure the existence and the unity of the entity called Idoma to this day. As result of their selfless and relentless pursuit for development of Idoma people and the land, it is imperative to build a hall of fame to write on the marble of times, to leave long lasting memories of these special individuals called Heroes and Heroines of Idoma Land, so that future generations would have access to the Chronicle of Heroes and Heroines of the Idoma kingdom. This website is also aimed at developing,showcasing the rich Idoma heritage to the world and preserving the same for future generations, to help them chart worthy cause of actions to better Idoma land and be proud to be an Idoma man or woman anywhere they find themselves

Idoma Doiminion website is one of the brain child for of well meaning Idoma individuals, that are out to build and develop Idomaland devoid of any form of selfish interest, political, religious, ethnic bias. we must appreciate those that have made useful sacrifice both dead and alive and criticized those who have brought Idoma land low in their conducts and personality. By this, we are going to create a hall of fame to stand as a memorial for our children and their grand children to know the different level of contributions their predecessor have made towards the development of Idoma land.