You can buy and sell products, properties and any other item of value via this website. We have agents spread across the country to inspect and validate the authenticity of the item displayed on our website to be sold or bought, to protect both parties at 15% of the value of the goods to be sold or bought.


Prospective Seller/Buyer approaches us via email at with their merchandise and uploading the exact details, type, colour, make other necessary dimensions and image from 3 perspective in day light pictures.

Sell or Buy contract is sent to the prospect stating terms and conditions which needs to be duly signed and emailed to us.

Our agents are deployed to verify the goods and its authenticity.  After verification we place it on advert board and give it accelerated publicity on all our platform for utmost result.

Afterwards, buyer contacts us and we in turn relate pricing with the parties. Upon agreement with the price, consent to sell is sent by the seller, giving us authority to sell. Payment is made via designated account. 15% of the agreed total sum is deducted for our service and the balanced is remitted to the seller. The buyer’s contact is released to the seller for further verification of payments received for the transaction.